Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Group of Friends

Pool lounging, endless cocktails, high-class dinners, days at the spa, lively nightclubs, and the vast blue ocean are a few of the common images that come to mind when you picture the perfect Cancun vacation. Whether you’re the cliché beach bum, the lavish beauty parlor queen, or the fine dining wine connoisseur, an all-inclusive vacation to one of Mexico’s hotspots could be exactly what you need during your next beachfront getaway. As apposed from the typical vacation to your favorite place in California or Florida, when you vacation at one of the RIU Resorts in the Mexico area, you receive excellent VIP, all-inclusive services for your entire vacation. That means you total access to all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink benefits at the RIU resorts. No more hunky wallet, various credit cards, and confusing currency exchanges, because once you’ve chosen an appropriate all-inclusive package that sufficiently satisfies your needs, all charges will be covered. Top shelf liquors, candle light dinners, and even tips are all included in the base price of your vacation package, ultimately allowing you to have a stress-free, worry-free vacation that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Though there are several dozens of different resorts in Mexico, there are a few companies who truly know how to create an atmosphere like none other. Of these top-notch resorts, the RIU Resorts have a service that is truly left unmatched. To name a few of Mexico’s finest, The RIU Bambu, RIU Cancun, and RIU Montego Bay have been recognized for their extraordinary all-inclusive services. Due to the fact that you’ll most likely be vacationing with a large group of friends or families, everyone is bound to have different interests. Luckily for you, the RIU resorts have been meticulously designed to cater to conflicting interests, ages, and overall agendas. So, if you’d prefer to lounge by the pool, drinking handcrafted mojitos, your teenage kids want to take boogie boards out on the ocean, but your in-laws want to venture around the nearby town’s shopping area, everyone can be satisfied. The RIU is unique in the sense that it honestly has something to offer just about everyone when they vacation in Mexico. You’ll be located within close proximity to nearby beach towns, have access to numerous pools, enjoy high-class (included) dinners with your friends, and ultimately be able to share laughs with the people that matter most: your friends and family.

Another concept that puts RIU Resorts above the pact is their “exchange privileges” with every nearby RIU resort. The RIU typically has two or three resorts directly next to one another, thus creating an all-inclusive neighborhood of fancy resorts. This ensures absolute safety and comfort for all guests and also allows them to exercise their all-inclusive rights at all RIU sponsored resorts. Exchange privileges basically mean that you are able to eat, drink, and play at all RIU resorts without an additional charge. Yes, this means you can walk over to the neighboring resort, order your favorite cocktail, and not be questioned. The RIU is all about respecting its guests and ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible during their dream vacation. The exchange privileges also are incredibly convenient when it comes to trying to meet up with friends and family that are staying at the neighboring RIU resort. Rather than having to search endlessly for your group, the RIU have carefully constructed resorts to make it easy to find friends and family without headaches.

If you are in need of the perfect beach getaway, but are afraid that your group is too large, or too complicated to satisfy, we highly recommend you take a look at an RIU Resort in Mexico. These resorts aren’t your typical vacation, because encompass the all-inclusive amenities, so you get much more bang for your buck. You’ll have the opportunity to vacation in peace, without the stress of dividing checks between several people, or figuring out the currency exchange. With activities that can satisfy even the pickiest of vacationers, a stay at the RIU will be the best decision you’ve ever made. With RIU, high-class dinners, gourmet meals, immaculate rooms, spacious pool areas, award winning cocktails, epic spa treatments, and the time of your life have never been easier to access. Start enjoying the group vacation of a lifetime and find what an RIU resort can do for you!