Planning a Group Vacation to Puerto Vallarta

If you’re planning a group vacation to Puerto Vallarta, it’s very important to be organized and do things the right way to get the lowest group rates. Group vacations are very complex because there are hundreds of Puerto Vallarta resorts, so choosing the right one will determine your groups happiness. When traveling with a group of family and friends, it’s very important to stay at all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta, to have multiple options to eat and drink. The best group vacation packages will always include the flight, hotel, airport transfers to your Puerto Vallarta hotels, food, drinks, taxes and tips.

Puerto Vallarta Large Group Vacation Incentives

  • 100% Complimentary Group Quotes
  • $50+ Deposits to secure your low rates
  • Pay off your final balance 65 days prior to travel
  • Price Match guarantee when booking
  • Free Group Vacation custom website
  • Complimentary stay all inclusive resorts*
  • Room upgrades every 10 rooms at most hotels*

What are the best Hotels in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re planning a Puerto Vallarta large group vacation, the all inclusive resort you stay at will determine what is included to your group and what is not. These resorts have a complimentary stay, if you have a certain number of people attending your group vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

  • RIU Palace Pacifico
  • RIU Jalisco
  • RIU Vallarta
  • NOW Amber
  • Secrets Vallarta Bay
  • Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

Looking for Group Rates to Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has dozens of resorts that specialize in groups. If you’re into group trips to Mexico, all inclusive resorts are the best way to go. Puerto Vallarta group trips usually consist of 10+ people traveling together as group looking for the lowest rates on the best group vacation packages.

Travel Agent for Group Vacations to Puerto Vallarta

A travel agent who specializes in group travel, will help you find the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta. You may be asking yourself why would you use a travel agent, when you can book it yourself online. Here are some reasons why booking your group vacations with us will make your life easier and will save you money.

  • We offer low deposits, so you don’t have to pay in full
  • We physically inspect 8 resorts a day on destination training trips
  • We’ll tell you when to book & when to wait based on experience
  • We get lower rates than what you see online
  • We’re in Chicago and have no fees
  • If something goes wrong, you have someone to work with
  • We know which resorts offer complimentary stays
  • We’ll keep track of payments for your whole group
  • We offer payment plans for your family & friends
  • You’ll get a free group website to manage the entire trip
  • We’ll request a free room upgrade for you
  • We know what type of liquor and beer is available in every resort
  • We’ll tell you which resorts include taxes with no surprises

In less than 15 seconds, you can request 100% free quotes for Puerto Vallarta vacation packages from a travel agent that specializes in group trips to Mexico. Let our group travel specialists find the best flight+hotel packages, while you sit back and relax. We’ll compare pricing on over 10 vacation suppliers and will get you the lowest rates on the best beach locations. It’s in our interest to make your vacation completely stress free.

Lowest Rates on Group Vacations to Puerto Vallarta

Everyone will promise you the lowest group rates for Puerto Vallarta. Here’s what you should expect. Airfare group rates for 10+ people will always be more expensive than what you see online for 1-2 people. That’s because airfare discounts or group rates for airfare don’t exist. Airlines have complex algorithms that automatically increase their pricing every 7 seats. That’s why you can’t search for more than 6-7 seats online. So when you request 10+ seats on any plane, you’re paying an average of what the higher rate would have been. We’re here to simplify group rates to Puerto Vallarta for you, so you have to deal with less stress.

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