Best Travel Agent for All Inclusive Group Vacations

There are over 100,000+ travel agents in the U.S., so how do you know which travel agent to start your search with, let alone book your group trip to Mexico with? That depends on what kind of group travel you’re looking to do. The best travel agent specializing in group travel, will exclusively work with groups of 10+ or more people in a specific niche. A travel agent for all inclusive group vacations, will exclusively work with all inclusive resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and other all inclusive Mexican destinations.

How to find a Travel Agent Specializing in Group Travel

Finding a travel agent for group travel to Mexico depends on many things

  • Are you looking for all inclusive resorts or adventure vacations?
  • Are you looking for all inclusive destination or volunteer travel?
  • How many people are traveling to Mexico with you?
  • Will you have more than 10 people or more than 10 rooms?
  • Are you interested in budget resorts or higher end resorts
  • Or maybe an all inclusive that’s in the middle of both?
  • Is your entire group ready to book now or in a few weeks/months?
  • Are you looking to stay at a villa, hotel or a all inclusive resort?
  • Do you want a local travel agent or a group travel agent

Who are the Best Travel Agents for Groups

These questions help determine which travel agency for group travel is right for you. A travel agent for groups will exclusively work with a certain niche of groups. If they tell you they book the U.S., Cruises, Europe, Adventure Travel, All Inclusive Vacations and everything you can think of, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Make sure you go with a travel agency for group travel that specializes exclusively in all inclusive resorts in Mexico. This will protect you from any “hidden fees”, unpaid government taxes upon arrival to your Mexican destination, airline fees, hotel fees, etc. There’s a reason why online travel agencies only allow you to search 7 people at a time… Go with a travel agent specializing in group travel to avoid all these problems and make your vacation a stress-free experience!

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