Group Rates for Cancun, Mexico

Getting group rates for Cancun resorts seems easy, but it’s a little more difficult than just filling out a form online. The first problem you probably encounter is the amount of hotels in Cancun that are available. The hotels near Cancun all sound and look the same, so you’re probably having a problem deciding which resort will be right for you group. You’re not the only one! All hotels try to make themselves look amazing in pictures and since you only get a few vacation days off a year off, you don’t want to make a mistake. We get it! But you have to start somewhere, start out by talking to an expert about group rates for Cancun resorts.

Group Rates for Cancun Resorts

High End Hotels in Cancun

If you love to enjoy yourself and are looking for high end hotels in Cancun, request group rates for some of these hotels below. These are high end resorts within a budget that accommodates most groups. For the really high end hotels, let us know in your message. If you’re looking for high end hotels in Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya, you will find other hotels that fit what you’re looking for.

  • Beach Palace
  • Secrets The Vine
  • Hard Rock Cancun Hotel
  • Secrets The Vine Cancun
  • Sandos Cancun

What do Cancun All Inclusive Resorts include?

Usually an all inclusive resort in Cancun will include the hotel stay, the restaurants within the resort, bars, entertainment, non-motorized water sports, government taxes and tips.

All Inclusive Cancun Vacation Packages

If you want to get the lowest group rates in Cancun, you have to book all inclusive vacation packages early, because airline seats get booked up fairly quickly. When flying domestic, there are thousands of planes that go from one city to another, but when flying international, that number goes down to a few dozen a day from a given city in the US. There may be hundreds of flights that fly to Cancun, but very few that fly direct from your airport. If your Cancun vacation package includes flights, the price today will likely be different tomorrow. This is difficult to understand, but the airlines control pricing based on how many people book their seats, view their inventory, try to check out online and quote their seats.

  • Book group rates for Cancun, Mexico early
  • Don’t get everyone involved in the decision process
  • Choose the hotel first before the flights
  • Take advantage of the free stay resorts
  • Don’t wait until the price goes up
  • Choose a hotel with group incentives

Cancun group rates also depend on when you’re traveling. The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more money you can save. For example, it’s cheaper to travel in the 2nd part of August, then the 1st part. It’s in our interest to save you as much money as possible, so more of your guests come.

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